Capital Protected Investments

Cantor Fitzgerald is the market leader in the provision of Capital Protected and Structured Investments

Our wide range of capital protected strategies and packaged investment solutions can offer high fixed rates and or participation in stock market returns, with limited, or often no downside risk.rnu003c/bru003ernOur protected products are capital guaranteed by a range of global “A” rated counter-parties and issuers. We can structure innovative investment solutions for personal, pension, corporate, charity and credit unions.

Current Capital Protected Investments

Technology 85% Progressive Protection Bond

This is a low risk, flexible investment with no fixed investment term and offers daily liquidity and pricing. The product is redeemable daily at the option of the investor, and also callable daily by the issuer.

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC 3 Year 2.75% P.A. Fixed Rate Bond IV

This bond aims to deliver investment returns of 2.75% per annum over a 3 year investment term and offers investors access to a competitive fixed return for a period of 3 Years.

100% Capital Protected MSCI AI Index Bond II

This investment is linked to the BNP Paribas 5% Volatility Control on MSCI AI Index (BNPIEAI5 Index), and it offers uncapped return potential together with 100% Capital Protection at the Final Maturity Date

100% Capital Protected Profit Lock in Bond III

This investment is linked to the Solactive Core US Diversified Portfolio EUR Hedged 6% VT Index (SOLCDPVE Index), and it offers unlimited return potential with 100% Capital Protection at the Final Maturity Date

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 3.35% Callable 3 Year Fixed Rate Bond II

This bond offers investors a competitive return from a highly rated investment bank with the added potential to benefit from some of the growth of the underlying iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (DE) (SX5EEX GY Equity) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Performance & Maturities

We publish our current performance for all active capital protected products on a monthly basis.

Target Market

Cantor Fitzgerald’s range of structured product is designed to offer investors access to a portfolio covering differing asset classes, payoff structures and maturity profiles. Whilst our products are available to a wide range of investor groups, we recognise that within these groups the products are designed to meet the needs of specific investors. This is known as the “target market”. Investors should consider the information contained within the below target market document, which is also contained in the product brochure, when assessing if the investment is right for you, and if you are therefore inside the intended target market.

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