Credit Unions

Cantor Fitzgerald has a long established successful relationship with the Irish credit union sector having provided independent financial services since 2000. Currently we have active business relationships with over 140 leading credit unions, through our dedicated and experienced Credit Union team. Our credit union clients benefit from full access to the in depth financial and investment resources available within the global Cantor Fitzgerald group. Our services are outlined below.

Investment Advisory Services

Informative advice is essential in the efficient management of a credit union’s investment portfolio. We provide the support and guidance required to allow credit unions make informed investment decisions. This advice reflects the credit union’s investment objectives whilst managing members’ funds prudently. Portfolio optimisation is achieved by balancing risk and reward. All recommendations meet the needs of the credit union as well as regulatory requirements. Our team of research analysts regularly reviews economic and market movements and shares key investment insights.

Bond Execution and Custody

Our Debt Capital Markets division is an integral and vibrant part of the Cantor Fitzgerald global network with access to the domestic and international bond markets and provides very competitive pricing to credit unions who wish to use their execution and custodian facilities. Cantor Fitzgerald is recognised as Primary Dealer by the NTMA in Irish Government Bonds.

Structured Products

Cantor Fitzgerald develops innovative capital protected and structured investment products tailored to the Credit Union sector.  We also provide analysis of other products offered to credit unions by intermediaries and execution services for purchase and sale of same.

Current Products

Credit Agricole CIB 6yr Callable Green Bond (Issue 26) 

Credit Agricole CIB 6yr Callable Green Bond (Issue 26) – KID Document

CIC 5yr Senior Preferred Floating Rate Bond (Issue 3)

CIC 5yr Senior Preferred Floating Rate Bond (Issue 3) – KID Document

Business Planning and Financial Advisory Services

We work directly with credit union boards and management in providing consulting and advisory services to ensure that credit unions meet their goals; maintain strong balance sheets and provide first rate financial services to their members. Advisory assignments include assisting credit unions in the development and implementing of strategic and detailed business plans, reviewing the performance of the credit union, growing the business through focused and practical marketing plans, and, undertaking independent due diligence and financial reviews for credit unions that are party to a merger transaction.

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