We specialise in providing ethical investment management and stewardship services to religious congregations, charities and not-for-profit organisations, trusts and endowments

L&P, part of Cantor Fitzgerald

We have combined Cantor Fitzgerald’s experience and expertise with that of L&P to provide a comprehensive and first class service. We understand the ever-changing and challenging environment now facing clients. Our aim is to provide responsible and accountable stewardship services and a clear investment strategy.

Investment Services

L&P Investment Services can provide innovative investment solutions for your organisation. With a proven track record of strong investment returns, with a low-risk exposure, whilst also achieving positive impact on the environment and society.

Stewardship Services

L&P Trustee Services provide responsible, appropriate and compliant advice and support to Trustees who are tasked with the stewardship of resources. We make your mission our priority and aim to align the deployment of resources with the long-term objectives of your organisation.



Zambian Forestry Project

Case Study

One of our first Impact Investments started as a small forestry project in East Africa in 2009. We provided seed capital, brokered the land purchase and employed the staff. 15 years later, the project has grown to 300 hectares of farming land and 1 600 hectares of forestry, with 90 houses, a school, potable water, a medical clinic and many cottage industries supporting the local community. Demonstrating the power of even small impact investing projects to change peoples’ lives, and the world, for the better.


Durrants Farm Solar Project, UK

L&P were among the very earliest investors in solar power plants, investing £10mn in a UK solar project in 2011. The project produced as exceptional return for investors when sold in 2015, and helped to advance the nascent solar investment industry in Europe. L&P used a new specialist solar investment manager to locate and manage the project, that manager’s first solar project. That firm has now grown into one of the largest dedicated solar investment managers in Europe, which has helped to funnel billions of euros into solar farms, demonstrating again that small targeted positive impact projects can have large positive impact benefits over time.


We are Cantor Fitzgerald

Shane Cowley

Managing Director

With 30 years’ experience as an L&P director, and 20 of these as managing director, Shane is a specialist in strategic management, governance, financial advisory and consulting, both locally and internationally. Shane is a also director of several charitable and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland and the UK, and has served on advisory boards of educational and healthcare establishments.


Owen McCabe


With 25 years’ stewardship advisory experience, Owen has worked closely with charity trustees in Ireland and internationally, with a focus on governance, finance, and resource management issues.


Ian Halstead

Director - L&P Investment Services

Ian has 25 years investment experience, 22 years with L&P Investment Services (acquired by Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland in 2017). He is a specialist in allocating capital to diversified portfolios of alternative assets to create portfolio outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.

He also has extensive experience in designing and implementing quantitative investment models. He is an expert in Positive Impact Investment and has spoken at numerous positive impact investment and ESG Investment Conferences.

Ian has a BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin.


Nicola Keogh

Associate Director

With over 20 years’ experience, Nicola heads up the governance team, advising on a wide range of legal and governance matters. Nicola works closely with our charity clients to ensure they’re compliant with the Charities Act, Companies Act and Governance Code.


Carolina Angarita-Cala

Head of Sustainability

Carolina is a finance and sustainability professional with over 15 years’ experience in socially responsible and impact investing. She has a keen understanding of how sustainability permeates a broad spectrum of business impacts, with a focus on ESG factors that improve risk-reward strategies while delivering positive outcomes for society. Carolina holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from UNAB in Colombia, a master’s degree in strategic management from Johannes Kepler University in Austria, a master’s degree in sustainability from Harvard University and holds the CFA UK Certificate in Climate and Investing. Carolina is also a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) and a Pension Trustee Practitioner (PTP).


Mark Dennigan

Sustainability & Responsible Investing Associate

Mark serves as an Associate specializing in Sustainability & Responsible Investing at our Dublin Office. With a rich background, he brings valuable experience from his tenure at Ulster Bank and DCC. Mark is equipped with a master's degree in Global Environmental Economics from the esteemed National University of Galway (NUIG), complemented by a bachelor’s degree in arts with a focus on Economics, Politics & Sociology, also from NUI Galway.


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