The fund invests in a globally diversified range of infrastructure investments with the aim of achieving a high dividend for investors, with good levels of inflation linkage and potential for further capital gains

Why choose the Infrastructure Impact Fund?

This fund is designed for investors who wish to invest in a broad spread of global infrastructure and infrastructure-like investments that achieve a strong level of dividend, good inflation linkage and potential for further capital growth over time. The fund will also have a strong Environment Social and Governance process, and will deliver a range of positive impacts on the world, and in particular will be carbon negative i.e. it will withdraw more carbon from the atmosphere than it generates.


The fund is designed to achieve both strong investment returns and high positive impact, and will appeal to investors seeking to counterbalance high carbon emissions in other parts of their portfolio.

Fund Process and Approach

The Investment Manager has selected infrastructure investments that provide high levels of dividend income, are broadly diversified across geography and infrastructure asset class, and have high levels of inflation linkage.


The fund assets typically provide social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, bridges), renewable energy infrastructure, economic infrastructure (roads, trains, digital assets) and infrastructure-like investments (sectors that provide similar investment characteristics such as stable income, reasonably predictable cashflow and ESG alignment with the infrastructure assets within the fund). Forestry is a typical infrastructure-like asset held by the fund.


The fund has a high level of positive impact, therefore it is part of the solution to climate crisis, rather than part of the problem.


Cantor Fitzgerald Infrastructure Impact Fund Factsheet


KID Documents

Cantor Infrastructure Impact Fund EUR – Class A


Cantor Infrastructure Impact Fund EUR – Class B


Cantor Infrastructure Impact Fund EUR – Class C


Cantor Infrastructure Impact Fund GBP – Class A


Cantor Infrastructure Impact Fund USD – Class A


Article 10 Disclosure (Infrastructure Impact Fund)



We are Cantor Fitzgerald

Ian Halstead

Director – L&P Investment Services

Ian has 25 years investment experience, 22 years with L&P Investment Services (acquired by Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland in 2017). He is a specialist in allocating capital to diversified portfolios of alternative assets to create portfolio outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.

He also has extensive experience in designing and implementing quantitative investment models. He is an expert in Positive Impact Investment and has spoken at numerous positive impact investment and ESG Investment Conferences.

Ian has a BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin.


Garrett Connolly

Investment Consultant

Garrett has over 10 years investment experience, 7 years with L&P Investment Services (acquired by Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland in 2017). He has 7 years equity investment experience and has carried out due diligence and participated in numerous active and passive investment solutions.

Garrett holds master’s degree in finance & Capital Markets, a bachelor’s degree in Account and CFA Level 1. He is also a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA).


Graham O’Brien

Associate Director Corporate Finance

Graham joined Cantor Fitzgerald’s Corporate Finance team in 2014. He has strong transaction experience having worked in banking and private equity.

Graham worked in the Leveraged Acquisition Finance department in Bank of Ireland’s Corporate Banking division managing a portfolio of loans used to fund private equity backed LBO’s. He also worked for a boutique private equity firm analysing opportunities to acquire growth companies in Central & Eastern Europe.

Graham qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.