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Our Services

Our services are based on our clients’ specific needs and are tailored to support and supplement an organisation’s  stewardship functions. These services allow senior leadership teams to operate knowing that stewardship of resources is managed in a responsible, appropriate, and compliant manner.

We provide financial advisory services to many organisations working closely with finance officers or bursars in a manner specific to each client’s circumstances. This can take the form of working on an advisory basis or can also include the placement of experienced and professional staff in an organisation’s stewardship office on a short or longer-term basis.


Our  governance team  provide a broad range of services to our clients. Our team are expert in all aspects of corporate governance relating to charitable and not-for-profit organisations. In a world of increasing regulatory obligations of Trustees of charitable and not-for profit organisations, we have a team of experts who are available to provide advice and support, at whatever level it is required. We also act as Company Secretary to many of our incorporated clients ensuring ongoing compliance with a regulatory Company Law and Charity Law obligations. 


We provide resource assessments that help establish a platform for the development of a coherent strategic direction for the organisation plan in an evolving world. These needs can cover areas such as restructuring locally and internationally, property planning, mission finding and collaborative initiatives.


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