Debt Capital Markets


Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland’s Debt Capital Markets (DCM) division is an integral and vibrant part of the Cantor Fitzgerald global network. We operate in the debt markets both as a principal through our Primary Dealership in Irish Government Bonds and as a sales team facilitating trades and debt origination. From our Irish base we serve a wide range of clients located in Ireland, London, across Europe and via the Cantor network an extensive client base in US and the Far East.

Primary Dealer Role

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland is recognised by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) as a Primary Dealer in Irish Government Bonds. We participate in the regular Irish Sovereign bond auctions and syndications, facilitating the placing of Irish debt securities with our extensive client base. The Primary Dealer also provides pricing on these securities on a daily basis, helping to maintain an orderly and liquid secondary market for the bonds.

Bond Sales

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland’s team of Bond Sales professionals have decades of market experience and operate at the heart of the Sovereign and Corporate debt markets in Europe the US and the Far East. Our team services a broad range of institutional clients, including pension and hedge funds, bank Treasury departments, and money managers. We utilise this wide client base to ensure timely execution and efficient pricing.

Debt Origination

The Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Bond team uses its expertise in the Fixed Income markets to generate solutions for their clients. As a Primary Dealer in Irish Government bonds CFI interacts with the NTMA to bring Irish sovereign issuance to the market through the regular auction process or through syndications.

Money markets and Repo

Our experienced money markets and Repo team act as intermediaries across a wide range of short term instruments which include Cash Deposits , Interest Rate Swaps and Repo in a variety of currencies. Leveraging our wide client base, our team facilitates the maintenance of liquid markets within the product ranges.

Retail Bond Orders

Our retail sales desk have direct access to the Irish Government bond market with our Primary Dealer acting as a prompt and competitive pricing venue. Also our team through their own contacts and via the Cantor Fitzgerald network can provide competitive pricing in all other major bond markets.