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Laura Reidy

The Pension Auto-Enrolment System Auto-enrolment has been on the Irish political agenda for a number of years now and was the subject of a public consultation process in 2018. Ireland is the only OECD country that does not yet operate auto-enrolment or a similar system to promote pension savings. The proposed Irish Auto-enrolment system, scheduled

Pramit Ghose

I have implemented an investment philosophy for the last 20 years that is straightforward and easy to understand: Invest in a diversified portfolio of financially strong, cashflow-strong companies that pay an attractive and growing dividend. I believe that if you can identify 25 to 30 of these companies and buy them at reasonable valuations (they

James Buckley

Alphabet was launched in 2015 as the holding company for Google, the world’s dominant internet search engine. The company is divided into two main divisions, Google Services and Google Cloud. Google Services provides some 90% of group revenues and is made up of the Google search engine, Android the leading mobile phone operating system; YouTube,

Ryan McGrath

Today, after markets close, rating agency Moody’s, is scheduled to release an Irish update. Ireland has already grabbed the positive attentions of rating agencies in 2022. On January 14th DBRS, upgraded Ireland’s sovereign credit rating by one notch to AA (low) with a stable outlook. Just two weeks later, Fitch upgraded its Irish rating for