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Alan McQuaid

Alan McQuaid is a leading economist and media commentator. He has previously worked with the Department of Finance and several Irish firms including both Merrion Stockbrokers and Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland. The three Rs; Russia, Rates and Recession are dominating the economic discourse at the moment. The world is paying a heavy price for Russia’s war

Carolina Angarita

Central banks and supervisory authorities now consider climate-related risks as part of their mandate for ensuring financial stability. Recently, the Central Bank of Ireland wrote to all regulated financial services providers outlining its concerns and expectations for how these institutions should carry out their duties in relation to climate-related risks. For banks and credit unions,

James Buckley

ASML has been a phenomenal growth story, which is highlighted by looking at its recent three-year operating performance, where earnings per share more than doubled from €6.34 in 2018 to €13.93 in 2021. Sales grew from €10.9bn to €18.6bn over the same period. Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, 5G, vehicle electrification and cyber security are at the