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Alan McQuaid

Alan McQuaid is a leading economist and media commentator. He has previously worked with the Department of Finance and several Irish firms including both Merrion Stockbrokers and Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland. This month he shares his thoughts on the economic outlook for 2022. 2022 is likely to be a year of solid economic growth, but down

Laura Reidy

Here at Cantor Fitzgerald, we say ditch the diet/detox in January and put your pension at the top of your new year’s resolutions. Clearly the financial choices you make (or defer as the case may be) will have a huge impact on your future. While financial security in the short-to-medium-term can be provided by a

Brian Considine

In early December, we held a brief webinar to look back at markets in 2021, our expectations for the year ahead, and to introduce the Analyst Conviction List. Equity markets had a phenomenal run in 2021, following on from an exceptional performance in 2020, post the Covid-related crash in March. Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland’s Chief Investment

James Buckley

So, 2021 ends, as it began, with headlines dominated by Covid. In between the US elected a new President, Bill and Melinda Gates got divorced, Squid Game became a global TV phenomenon, Ireland enjoyed their best-ever Olympics, whilst England and Bohemians lost cup final penalty shoot-outs. As for the markets, well it looks like they’re