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Insights | 25.03.2024

Population Shifts and Economic Impacts: A Closer Look at Emerging Market Dynamics

Amidst shifting global dynamics, a new contender comes into view on the horizon of emerging markets. As China’s population declines and its economy faces challenges, India begins to take centre stage, now drawing attention from Wall Street giants and investors alike.

Insights | 25.03.2024

Closing the Gender Pension Gap: Empowering Financial Equality and Beyond

Laura Reidy explores the gender wealth gap in Ireland, discussing disparities in pay and pensions, addressing factors contributing to the gap, while highlighting potential solutions such as childcare supports and increased representation of women in financial advisory roles.

Insights | 25.03.2024

Future-Proof Business Through EU Taxonomy Alignment

As the EU commits to improving the market for sustainable investment, while increasing transparency and investor protection, understanding the intricacies of the Taxonomy Regulation becomes imperative. This comprehensive framework not only aims to combat greenwashing but also provides a roadmap for aligning investments with environmental objectives, shaping the future of finance in Europe.

Insights | 28.02.2024

Celebrating Three Decades of Excellence: A Closer Look at Cantor Fitzgerald’s Multi-Asset 70 Fund

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management (CFAM) is delighted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its flagship Multi-Asset 70 fund, a significant milestone reached in late 2023. The fund has has navigated volatile market conditions to outperform the equity market by nearly double since its inception in 1993.

Insights | 28.02.2024

Elevating Business Potential with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has evolved into a fundamental aspect of IT infrastructure due to its cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and scalability.

Insights | 28.02.2024

Weighty Investments: Exploring the Booming Market of Obesity Medications

The increasing global prevalence of obesity has created a booming market for weight loss drugs.

Insights | 31.01.2024

Inflation, Growth and Policy Support Positive Outlook for 2024

The beginning of 2024 and developed equity markets are at or near their all-time highs.

Insights | 31.01.2024

Strong Demand for New Irish 10-Year Bond A Positive for Ireland

On Thursday January 11th, the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) raised €3 billion through a syndicated sale of a new benchmark 10-year bond maturing in October 2034.

Insights | 31.01.2024

The Crucial Role of Alternative Lenders in Achieving Ireland’s Housing Targets

Ireland’s housing crisis has been a persistent challenge for the current government. In September 2021, the Government launched the Housing for All strategy as a direct response to Ireland’s failing housing system.

Insights | 26.01.2024

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management’s Flagship Multi-Asset 70 Fund Marks its 30th Anniversary

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management’s Flagship Multi-Asset 70 Fund Marks its 30th Anniversary.