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Insights | 21.06.2024

Ireland’s Stock Exchange is in Trouble and Needs Our Help

As Ireland’s stock exchange faces critical challenges with Flutter’s move to the US and the potential departure of Smurfit Kappa, CIO, John Mullane outlines the importance of supporting domestic market growth and ensuring economic resilience.

Insights | 21.06.2024

Japan’s Economic Resurgence: Yen Volatility, Corporate Reforms, and Investor Opportunities

Even as the Yen recently hit a 34-year low against the dollar, Japan’s economy continues to shows vibrant growth with rising wages, capital investment, and record-high stock prices.

Insights | 21.06.2024

Cantor Fitzgerald Sponsors Dalkey Book Festival: A Weekend of Arts and Insights

We were delighted to sponsor the Dalkey Book Festival, a 4 day celebration of the best in literary talent from 13 – 16 June 2024.

Insights | 27.05.2024

Analysis Snapshot: FedEx Remains One of the Key Independent Enablers of eCommerce Delivery

Read our latest Analysis Snapshot on FedEx. Despite recent challenges, including the ending of its US Parcel Service contract and pandemic disruptions, FedEx is bouncing back and realigning for profitable growth with the implementation of its far-reaching DRIVE restructuring programme.

Insights | 27.05.2024

Expansion of our Discretionary Investment Service: Q&A with CIO, John Mullane

We were delighted to announce the expansion of our Discretionary Investment Service in Q2 2024. To learn more about the expansion, Senior Portfolio Manager, Suzanne Berkery sat down with Chief Investment Officer, John Mullane to explore key highlights of the updated offering.

Insights | 27.05.2024

Eurozone’s Banks Look Stronger Than Ever: Positive Performance Bolsters Investor Sentiment

Senior Portfolio Manager, Suzanne Bekery explores Eurozone bank performance. Boasting record-high capitalisation and outperformance of US counterparts, Eurozone banks are thriving. With strong performance and promises of significant capital returns, these European lenders and the broader Euro Stoxx index reflects a positive sentiment for investors.

Insights | 07.05.2024

Falling Inflation and Rising Economic Activity a Positive, Rare and Potent Combination

“How are you not worried about the Houthis?” – a question likely on the minds of many investment professionals over the last few months as conflict in the Middle East continues to impact the global economy. Phil Byrne shares his thoughts on the above question, as well as his insights on the current economic outlook and an update on our Multi Asset Funds’ performance in 2024 so far.

Insights | 25.04.2024

Auto-Enrolment Pension System in Ireland: What You Need to Know

If slow and steady wins the race, the implementation of a Statewide Auto-Enrolment (AE) pension system has been under consideration in Ireland since 2006 may prove to be the undisputed champion! The Minister for Social Protection published the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System Bill 2024 on 5 April 2024. The Minister is targeting introduction for early 2025.

Insights | 25.04.2024

Lower Interest Rates on the Way in 2024

World economic growth was better than expected in 2023 and inflation fell at a quicker pace than forecast at the start of last year. However, there was a marked contrast in the growth performances of the major economies. National output was strong in the United States throughout the whole of 2023 helped by healthy consumer spending, with households continuing to deplete the excess savings that were run up during the pandemic.

Insights | 25.04.2024

Real Estate’s Check-Up Q1 2024

The first quarter of 2024 has seen Europe’s real estate market navigating through a landscape marked by cautious optimism. Following a downward trend since Q3 2022, the sector is adjusting to a transition toward a higher baseline rate environment and adapting to the implications of increased inflation. With a corresponding higher baseline inflation level, real estate investment strategies need to, and importantly now, are adjusting to that new normal.