Discretionary Portfolio Service

Our Discretionary Portfolio Service is designed for the investor who does not wish to be actively involved in the day to day decision making process for their investments. The service is particularly suited to high-net-worth individuals, non-profit organisations and family offices. An experienced Portfolio Manager will work with you initially to build a portfolio that meets your investment objectives and risk profile.

There are two discretionary offerings with a number of investment strategies to choose from, each with a clear objective driving the decisions throughout the process. There are five key elements to our investment process: risk management, macro economic analysis, technical analysis, valuation analysis and bottom up fundamental analysis.

Bespoke Investment Management Service

We offer the option for bespoke investment management with the primary aim of preserving and growing your wealth. Our focus is on multi-asset class allocation which requires a robust investment strategy with research at its heart. Our bespoke portfolio service is managed by our Chief Investment Officer, David Beaton.
The minimum investment account balance for our bespoke service is €300,000.

Segregated Discretionary Model Portfolios

Our Equity Model Portfolios aim to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the medium-long term and are actively managed by our Global Strategist, Pramit Ghose and his team. The team’s focus and experience is in identifying attractive income stocks while also maintaining a focus on portfolio construction, incorporating sectoral, regional allocations and active cash allocations.

Multi-asset model portfolios are also available through this service and are aimed at delivering attractive long term returns.

The minimum investment account balance for our segregated discretionary model portfolios is €250,000.

Watch our video on the Global Equity Income fund here.


The objective of the Global Equity Income Portfolio is to invest in a diversified global portfolio of financially-strong, well-managed companies that have a proven record in paying an attractive dividend and have management commitment to consistently increase it. Our aim is to improve long-term risk-adjusted total equity returns while maintaining a balanced exposure to dividend yield, quality and dividend growth.

Our rationale is that in a low yield and low economic growth environment, it is increasingly difficult to generate income. The thinking behind this strategy is that companies with an ability to pay higher dividends on a sustained basis generally provide stable growth opportunities.

img-adobe-logo Global Equity Income Strategy Factsheet

img-adobe-logo Global Equity Income Fund Factsheet

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The objective of the Global Equity Compounder Portfolio is to actively invest in a diversified global portfolio of high quality companies that offer compounding attractive returns and lower volatility over time. A key focus is the avoidance of “negative surprise” companies that can often have a significant detrimental effect on an investor’s portfolio.

Our rationale is that quality compounders share some common characteristics which we believe are key to achieving good investor returns over time: strong competitive position, ability to grow revenues and earnings sustainably over time, strong and/or improving Return on Invested Capital and cash generation capabilities, and management commitment to return capital via share buybacks and/or dividends.

img-adobe-logo Global Equity Compounders Strategy Factsheet