NewsWhip Media: Further Investment Paves the Way for Growth

Andrew Lowe


NewsWhip Media Further Investment Paves the Way for Continued Growth

In a world where real time information is as valuable as ever, NewsWhip are focused on delivering this real-time insight to their customers, enabling them to be more prepared and reactive to relevant news events.


Despite a recent slowdown in the wider Tech sector in 2022, NewsWhip continued their growth trajectory, evidenced by a Q1 2023 investment from Ashgrove Capital – a $13m debt facility which will allow the company to improve its product offering, increase its engineering team and grow overall staff numbers by 50% in the coming years.


NewsWhip’s Evolving Products
NewsWhip’s platform tracks millions of stories and events from across the web and social media, using patented algorithms to predict engagement with each one. These predictions are used by its customers to power more intelligent communications, crisis management, newsgathering, and marketing capabilities. The core value of NewsWhip’s offering is driven by the breadth of their data and the unique real-time insights they provide to answer critical communications questions. NewsWhip continued to invest in their product in 2022, enabling them to expand their Twitter coverage, add Instagram Reels and layer a number of powerful new insights. Recent updates to their product include enhancing their flagship timeline view to allow easy comparison with previous periods, along with introducing powerful new highlights feature that identifies & explains peaks in interest on a topic and automatically summarises how interest has changed across the topics and networks their customers care about. Consumer brands need quantified, real-time insight about the spread of news and information to manage reputation, track issues and run campaigns. This need is being recognised by more brands each year but is poorly catered for by media monitoring and social listening incumbents. NewsWhip’s activity in brands and PR agencies in recent years validates this thesis. Both brands and agencies have kept their existing monitoring tools in place for traditional workflow, but they are also now bringing NewsWhip into their structures for real time insight and reputation.



Market Performance
NewsWhip have a diverse client base across various sectors – Currently used by big brands like Google, McDonalds and Nissan, and having recently signed a deal with Meta at the beginning of 2023 which extends NewsWhip access to all of Meta’s fact-checking partners around the world; . While Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) continues its positive trajectory, growth in Net Revenue Retention (NRR), the % of dollars retained from a segment of customers after 12 months, also continues trending upwards. Comparing 2020 and 2022, all NewsWhip’s key verticals showed improvements in NRR, driven by expanded usage and selling into larger, more stable customers, who are less likely to cancel due to budget pressure.

High NRR is what can turn SaaS businesses into juggernauts, as they grow revenue from existing customers even without any new business coming in. Steady growth in NRR is a big driver of SaaS valuations and investor outcomes and NewsWhip will be aiming to continue to grow this in 2023 and 2024.



Social Media Market
Recent market reports value the total addressable market for social media analytics at $9.0 billion in 2022 and project to go to $46B by 2030, a CAGR of 22%. NewsWhip is well positioned to capture market share as the leading tool for content analysis within this segment. Legacy media monitoring firms lack its speed, wider breath of data sources, web coverage, machine learning expertise, IP, social network expertise and relationships, intellectual property, exclusive partnerships, and user insight. More generalist social media monitoring tools lack NewsWhip’s focus on content, predictive capacity, and breath, though these are sometimes used alongside it in a complimentary manner. Thanks to strong demand from consumer brands, NewsWhip are firm in their belief that they can establish themselves as the leader in ‘real time media monitoring’ and become a required technology for the communications team at any serious global brand.



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