Merrion Capital Investment Managers Announces Name Change

Kevin O'Kelly


Merrion Capital Investment Managers Announces Name Change

We are pleased to announce that Merrion Capital Investment Managers Limited has undergone a name change to bring them under the Cantor Fitzgerald brand portfolio. After their acquisition by Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Limited in November 2018, the investment management firm will now operate under the name Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management Europe (CFAME), trading as Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management (CFAM).


As part of the rebrand, all entities for which Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management acts as investment manager, and where ”Merrion” or “Merrion Capital” previously featured in a fund or sub fund name, have changed to reference  “Cantor Fitzgerald” to reflect the company’s new name.


Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management would like to note that the recent rebranding and name change will have no impact on the management of the funds. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional service, and there will be no changes to the investment team, investment process, or mandates. In addition, sales, client services and operational activities will continue as before.


Being a part of the wider Cantor Fitzgerald group provides Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management with additional resources and capabilities in areas such as compliance, risk management and marketing. This integration enables the company to enhance its services and deliver even greater value to its clients.


Furthermore, Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management is delighted to announce that a wide range of the funds offering, including the flagship Multi-Asset funds, have been designated as Article 8, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible investing.


For further information or inquiries, please contact CFAM Head of Sales and Marketing, Kevin O’Kelly at [email protected].