Stewardship & Business Advisory Services

The services outlined in this section are not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Financial Advisory & Management Services

A fundamental responsibility of the leadership team is to ensure that financial management of resources is carried out in a responsible, appropriate and legally compliant manner, while aiming to meet the long-term financial objectives of the organisation. We offer expert, objective advice and assistance in several key areas:

  • Financial Advisory Services
    We work closely with client treasurers, trustees and other personnel, assisting them with their stewardship of resources. This includes financial management and planning, as well as meeting accounting and reporting requirements. Typically, we participate in advisory groups that report to and make recommendations to leadership teams.
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
    Reliable budgeting and financial planning are the foundation of successful financial management. We work closely with treasurers and trustees in helping them plan their finances.
  • Financial Reporting
    There is an increasing level of public reporting required from charities and not-for-profit organisations. We work closely with treasurers, trustees and appointed auditors to ensure that your financial statements are compliant with the relevant accounting standard. We also work on the drafting of the Trustees Report (the written narrative forming part of the audited financial statements). This report is as important, if not more important, than the figures as it helps explain to the end user of the accounts, be that a regulator, a journalist or the public at large who the charity or not-for-profit organisation is, what they do, and why this is of benefit to society.
  • Accounting Services
    We provide a comprehensive range of accounting services, from ongoing advice to a fully outsourced financial administration function, aimed at supporting the treasurer/bursar in their role.


Governance Advisory & Company Secretarial Services

All organisations should operate within a good corporate governance framework, whether a charity, not-for-profit organisation or commercial enterprise. With the ever increasing level of regulation applying to the not-for-profit sector both in Ireland and abroad, and with the introduction of voluntary codes of practice, clients are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they are governed, and to account for their use of resources.

Our experience in the area of charity governance is unrivalled. Our governance team is made up of fully qualified legal advisors, who are experts in the charity and not-for-profit sector both in Ireland and internationally.

Every Company must have a Company Secretary, who is jointly responsible, with the Board of Directors, for compliance with the Companies Act 2014, as well as the administration of all related matters. L&P provides this service to our incorporated clients.

Financial & Governance Services

A coherent strategic plan is essential to managing the evolving needs of a congregation. We have considerable experience of advising congregations on strategic issues including:

  • Congregation Restructuring
  • Trusteeship and Sponsorship of Ministry
  • Property Planning
  • Development and Fundraising
  • International Mission Funding and Structures
  • Financial Management Policy
  • Collaborative Initiatives


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