Investment Options

Investors can choose from a range of assets aimed at building truly diverse portfolios.

We offer a range of trading options and cater for all types of share dealing, including equities, REITs, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and some collective funds. To find out more in relation to frequently asked questions, liquidity and commission please see our flyer below.

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The share dealing option is available under all account types.

Our Discretionary Portfolio Service is designed for the investor who does not have the time or expertise and does not wish to be actively involved in the day-to-day decision making process for their investments. It is particularly suited to high-net-worth individuals. As a bespoke service, there are a number of options available and we recommend speaking with your Cantor Fitzgerald portfolio manager for more information.

More information on our Discretionary Portfolio Service can be found here.

More information on OPTIMUM model Portfolios can be found here.

As an actively managed portfolio of quality dividend paying companies, the Global Equity Income Fund is managed by Pramit Ghose and his highly experienced investment team. The fund aims to generate growth through income as well as capital growth and can move to a 35% cash weighting if desirable. It offers investors lower volatility than the overall global equity market, with an attractive AMC of 0.40%.

This option is available as a UCIT fund with daily liquidity and as a share portfolio with minimum account size of €200,000, and under all account types.


An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) enables investors to gain exposure to well-known equity indices, geographical regions or sectors. ETFs are an increasingly popular investment vehicle due to their flexibility and diversity. Investors benefit from instant market access at competitive cost levels and with substantial daily liquidity. A multi-asset ETF portfolio is also available within our discretionary strategies.

Our detailed guide to Exchange Traded Funds can be accessed, by contacting your broker/portfolio manager. We also profile our preferred ETFs in our Monthly Investment Journal.

Exchange Traded Funds are available under all account types.



  • Gold
    Gold is popular for its counter cyclical properties as well as a hedge against inflation, and we believe should form part of a diversified portfolio. The price of gold tends to increase in response to events that cause the value of equities to decline. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it tends to maintain its value over the longer term. SDIO clients can access gold through direct equities such as gold mining companies or through a gold ETF which tracks the value of gold and is backed by physical gold.One such example is the Invesco Physical Gold ETC.
    img-adobe-logo Invesco Physical Gold ETC – Key Information Document (KID)
  • Oil
    While there can be extreme volatility in the value of oil, as seen at many points in recent history, oil can form a useful part of a well-diversified portfolio and is often uncorrelated to equities. Our preferred method of accessing the oil market is currently through the WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil 1 month ETC. It is important to note that the price of this fund is based on futures contracts and is not an exact match to the daily Brent Crude price. The Key Information Document can be accessed below.
    img-adobe-logo WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil 1 month ETC – Key Information Document (KID)
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
    REITs are an excellent way to easily access the property sector and with more liquidity. They trade on the stock market like shares and can specialise in geographical regions or sectors such as commercial, social housing, or residential. They tend to offer a meaningful yield which suits income investors.A wide range of options is available and includes for example Hibernia REIT and the Triple Point Social Housing REIT.
    img-adobe-logo Triple Point Social Housing REIT – Key Information mation Document (KID)
  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructure assets are linked to essential public services such as roads, rail, water, electricity, hospitals and schools. These assets exhibit long-term steady income and the potential for inflation protection. They are often backed by Public Private Partnerships where a private company builds the project, with the government paying the build cost and any upkeep or rent.There are a number of options open to investors in this space including the Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Equity fund.
    img-adobe-logo Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Equity Fund – Key Investor Document (KID)

Gold and alternative investments are available as options under all account types.

Cantor Fitzgerald has been at the forefront of ethical investing in Ireland for over 20 years. We operate the Green Effects Fund, one of the largest ethical funds on the Irish market, with €80m in assets under management. Stocks are selected from the NAI index (German ethical index) and cover a broad base of sectors. The fund offers exposure to wind and solar energy, water, recycling, engineering and transport. Further details on the fund can be accessed here.

Ethical Investing

September Green Effects Fund Factsheet

Our monthly factsheet details the NAV (net asset value) since inception, sectoral, geographic and currency exposure, key performance information and commentary.



  • Strong track record of outperforming global equity market indices
  • One of the top performing funds within its peer group resulting in a 5-star rating from Morningstar Fund Research
  • Largest ethical fund in the Irish market
  • Stocks are selected from the NAI index for which there is strict selection criteria
  • Offers exposure to a broad base of socially responsible sectors and underlying companies
  • Minimum investment: €5,000



The Green Effects Fund invests in companies with a commitment to supporting the environment, socially just production and work methods, and provides a well-diversified investment alternative.

Other preferred options for gaining exposure to the ethical theme include ESG screened ETFs and direct holdings, with some examples featured below.

ESG options are available under all account types.

Cantor Fitzgerald is a market leader in the provision of structured investments. Combining the protection of capital with the ability to generate investment growth are the two core pillars of our investment philosophy. We create a range of innovative structured products based on interest rates, equity themes, sectors and regions.

Structured products are available under all account types.

For our current range of structured product click here


ESG 85% Progressive Protection Bond

This is an open-ended investment which provides investors with 85% capital protection of the highest daily Net Asset Value (NAV) it has ever reached.



  • Investment strategy linked to the Robeco Sustainable Global Stars Equities Fund and the Allianz Euro Credit SRI Fund.
  • Continuous upward only capital protection feature, ensures a minimum repayment of 85% of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever achieved
  • Open-ended investment with daily liquidity & pricing, no entry fees, no fixed term, no early encashment penalties
  • Low risk investment (SRI level 2 out of 7)
    15% max capital at risk.
  • Guarantor: Societe Generale
    (Moody’s A1 / S&P’s A / Fitch A+).
  • Issuer: SG Issuer (the flagship issuer of Societe Generale).
  • Minimum investment: €25,000.



With interest rates near all-time lows, this Environmental, Social and Governance investment bond has the potential to deliver a higher return than deposits with limited downside risk. The bond aims to generate returns in a wide range of market conditions. It provides investors with 85% continuous capital protection and exposure to an index containing 2 leading ESG investment funds with strong performance track records.

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ESG 85% Progressive Protection Bond – Prospectus
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Aviva’s Self Directed Investment Option (SDIO) provides brokers and policy holders with access to a diverse range of assets for pre and post-retirement pension investors. Aviva’s Approved Investment Funds available through Cantor Fitzgerald are listed here.