Cantor Fitzgerald Quarterly Investment Journal – Autumn 2022


  • Asset Allocation
  • Focus Feature: How to Navigate Bear Markets – With recessionary fears growing bigger, Leonardo Mazza, Junior Fund Manager, breaks down the business cycles that investors need to know in order to understand their current positioning
  • Wealth Management: University Challenge – Michael Foley, Financial Advisor, outlines the cost of education in Ireland and suggests how parents can start to prepare at a very early stage
  • Analyst Conviction List: The investment case for our preferred names
  • The Fund Edit: Latest update on our range of investment funds, ETFs and trusts
  • Ethical Investing: Green Effects providing sustainable investment returns
  • Corporate Finance News: Choppy Waters for Real Estate – What Lies Beyond the Horizon? Central banks have raised interest rates with the hope of slowing inflation, but what does this mean for real estate? David Lawlor, Corporate Finance Director, considers the Q4 outlook and how Ireland’s real estate market might fare.