Structured Investments

Cantor Fitzgerald is a market leader in the provision of structured investments to a wide range of investor groups including personal, pension, corporate, charity and credit unions. These packaged investment strategies offer potentially higher yields than actual market returns. Total sales reached €150m in the 12 months to end of December 2018. Cantor Fitzgerald was announced winner of the “Best Distributor, Ireland” category at the Structured Products & Derivatives Awards 2018 (SRP Awards). This prestigious award reflects our role as a premier investment firm and our commitment to the structured product market. For details on our product maturities please click here.

Our Investment Philosophy
Combining the protection of capital with the ability to generate investment growth are the two core pillars of our investment philosophy. It is through our relationships with A rated financial institutions that we create a range of innovative structured products based on interest rates, equity themes, sectors and regions, leveraging the expertise within our local and global research teams when selecting underlying assets and structures.

Structured Investments

Protected Best Select Bond 7

The Protected Best Select Bond 7 combines 90% capital protection with exposure to an index of 8 leading investment funds.



  • Returns are linked to the Best Select Fund EUR Index composed of 8 leading investment funds.
  • The Index is rebalanced every quarter into the 5 best performing funds. The best performers get the highest weightings and the 3 worst performers are excluded.
  • 200% participation in index returns.
  • 5-year investment with 90% capital protection at final maturity date.
  • Daily secondary market liquidity.
  • This is a capital at risk investment product.
  • Minimum investment: €10,000.
  • Closing date: 11th April 2019.
  • This product is available to personal, pension, ARF/AMRF, Friends First SDIO & corporate investors.



For clients who are keen to protect their capital, whilst also generating the potential for investment growth, this bond provides a longer term investment option and aims to generate stable returns in a range of market conditions.

img-adobe-logo Protected Best Select Bond 7 – Flyer
img-adobe-logo Protected Best Select Bond 7 – Brochure
img-adobe-logo Protected Best Select Bond 7 – Key Info Document
img-adobe-logo Protected Best Select Bond 7 – Target Market Document


Target Market

Cantor Fitzgerald’s range of structured product is designed to offer investors access to a portfolio covering differing asset classes, payoff structures and maturity profiles. Whilst our products are available to a wide range of investor groups, we recognise that within these groups the products are designed to meet the needs of specific investors. This is known as the “target market”. Investors should consider the information contained within the below target market document, which is also contained in the product brochure, when assessing if the investment is right for you, and if you are therefore inside the intended target market.

Applications Forms

img-adobe-logo Structured Product Application Form – Private Clients (Personal Investors)
img-adobe-logo Structured Product Application Form – Private Clients (ARF AMRF Pension Investors)
img-adobe-logo Structured Product Application Form – Private Clients (Corporate Investors)