Share Dealing & Stockbroking

We have been working closely with our private clients since 1995 and offer a range of trading options that carefully consider risk and return in line with your investment objectives. Our team of investment professionals is renowned for providing superior service to our clients and you will be appointed a designated stockbroker or portfolio manager to look after your account.


Whether it is a once-off transaction, short term trading or long term investment, we cater for all types of share dealing. Our relationships with major international brokers and institutions ensure that we source the best market price for your share execution. Our core portfolio is a collection of our preferred equity names and has enjoyed substantial annual returns since its inception.

Why Invest?

Investing in equities can provide for long-term growth in your investment portfolio. Deposit rates remain low and have moved into negative territory. Share values can increase over time and while markets can fluctuate, the key is to hold a diversified portfolio.

Collective Funds: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An ETF is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges much like equities but which provides exposure to a variety of asset classes. Investing in an ETF is a cost-effective way for you to achieve returns from indices such as the FTSE or the S&P 500 without having to purchase each individual stock. They are effectively an entire market wrapped up in one share as they invest in a basket of securities from a particular index.

Why Invest?

Investors benefit from the best of both stock and investment fund characteristics, with instant market access at competitive cost levels and with substantial daily liquidity. Through the efficiency of ETFs you can access major equity indices, emerging markets, commodities, currencies, bonds, alternative investments and leveraged index ETFs.

Collective Funds: Investment Trusts

An investment trust is a publicly listed company, designed to generate profits for its shareholders by investing in the shares of other companies. Shares in investment trusts are traded on the exchange so investors can buy and sell from the market, rather than dealing with a fund management company.

Why Invest?

Investors gain from cost-effective exposure to a diversified and professionally-run portfolio covering a range of markets, sectors and companies. Risk is spread much more than if reliant on the success of one or even a handful of investments. A trust’s manager can also borrow money to increase market exposure in order to support returns in rising markets (referred to as gearing).