Latest Investment Opportunities – Regulated

We regularly profile the most up-to-date investment opportunities across different asset classes and will be launching a number of opportunities over the coming months.

Structured Investments

Protected Momentum Bond 7

The Protected Momentum Bond 7 is a 5-year investment providing at least 200% participation in the final performance of the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index, which is linked to 8 actively managed investment funds. Each fund uses different investment managers, strategies and asset allocations, but all have delivered positive investment returns at alternating times.


  • Returns are linked to the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index which is composed of 8 investment funds.
  • Each week the Index is rebalanced into the 5 best performing funds, with the highest performing funds given the highest risk budget ratings and the 3 worst performers are excluded.
  • The bond provides at least 200% minimum participation in the Index final averaged returns.
  • The Index has a risk control mechanism which provides up to 200% additional exposure to the basket of funds.
  • This bond aims to generate consistent returns in a wide range of market conditions
  • 90% capital protection at Final Maturity Date is provided by Morgan Stanley (A3 Stable / BBB+ Stable / A Stable)
  • 5-year investment with daily secondary market liquidity subject to normal market conditions
  • Guarantor: Morgan Stanley
  • Issuer: Morgan Stanley B.V. (European flagship issuer of Morgan Stanley).
  • Minimum Investment amount: €10,000
  • Closing date: 13th November 2020


This bond seeks to maximise returns by consistently investing in what‘s working best (Momentum Investing). The index reviews the 8 underlying funds every week and excludes the 3 worst performers.

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Multi-Asset Fund Range

The Merrion Investment Managers (MIM) multi-asset fund range is designed to suit different risk appetites. Each fund seeks to optimise returns by varying its exposure to return-seeking investments. Our monthly flyer provides an overview of performance and strong track record.

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  • Actively managed by Merrion Investment Managers for over 20 years
  • Repeatable 3-pillar investment process focused on macroeconomic, valuation and technical analysis
  • Number 1 performing, global, multi-asset fund in the Irish market since its inception over 20 years ago *
  • The Merrion Multi-Asset 30, 50 and 70 funds each provide an option for different risk profiles
  • Daily liquidity
  • Broadly diversified across a range of asset classes

Source: Longboat Analytics (formerly MoneyMate) 31.03.2020 based on MoneyMate inception (Oct 1993) return


The MIM multi-asset fund range offers great choice and an investment time horizon to suit your needs. The full suite of MIM funds including absolute return, equity, fixed income and cash can be accessed through your broker/portfolio manager. Individual fund factsheets can be found here.

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Structured Investments

Global 85% Progressive Protection Bond

This bond is an open ended Investment linked to two leading global investment funds with strong performance track records, and provides investors with 85% continuous capital protection of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever reached.




  • Investment strategy linked to the Fundsmith Global Equity and PIMCO Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Funds
  • Continuous upward only capital protection feature, ensures a minimum repayment of 85% of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever achieved
  • Open-ended investment with daily liquidity & pricing, no fixed investment term, no early encashment penalties
  • Redeemable daily at the option of the investor and also the issuer
  • Dual asset active management strategy aims to generate stable returns in a wide variety of market conditions
  • This is a low risk (15% max capital at risk) investment product (SRI Risk Score 2 out of 7)
  • Guarantor: Société Générale
    (Moody’s A1/ S&P’s A/ Fitch A+)
  • Minimum Investment: €10,000



With interest rates at all-time lows, there is a need for an investment option that has the potential to deliver a higher return than deposits with limited downside risk.

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Ethical Investing

September Green Effects Fund Factsheet

Our monthly factsheet details the NAV (net asset value) since inception, sectoral, geographic and currency exposure, key performance information and commentary.



  • Strong track record of outperforming global equity market indices
  • One of the top performing funds within its peer group resulting in a 3-star rating from Morningstar Fund Research
  • Largest ethical fund in the Irish market
  • Stocks are selected from the NAI index for which there is strict selection criteria
  • Offers exposure to a broad base of socially responsible sectors and underlying companies
  • Minimum investment: €5,000



The Green Effects Fund invests in companies with a commitment to supporting the environment, socially just production and work methods, and provides a well-diversified investment alternative.


Core Funds Range

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Core Funds Range is carefully selected by our investment committee to provide solutions for a variety of risk profiles and investment objectives, offering options across multiple asset classes and markets.

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  • Funds have undergone both quantitative and qualitative screening by Cantor Fitzgerald’s investment committee
  • Independent ratings from Morningstar Research
  • Access to best-in-class fund managers across a range of asset classes
  • Funds are monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis



Depending on your investment needs and risk profile, we can provide a number of options. The range could be used for example as core long term holdings in your investment portfolio or as tactical options to provide exposure to an asset class and to enhance diversification.

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