L&P Investment Advisory Services

As part of Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland, L&P offers investment advisory services to a large variety of organisations. Key to our approach is understanding your individual circumstances and requirements. We then work with you to define those requirements and implement the most appropriate investment strategy.

Tailored Investment Strategy

We work with you to:

  • Determine key financial requirements & translate these into investment objectives
  • Design an investment strategy tailored to achieve these objectives and which can be amended over time
  • Develop a practical ethical investment policy, where desired
  • Select appropriate investment managers
  • Allocate resources to different investment strategies, products and managers
  • Ensure competitive investment manager fees
  • Obtain the best returns from cash deposits

Ethical Investment

A recurring requirement for our clients is that their investments are in harmony with the principles and stated mission of their charity, trust, not-for profit organisation or religious congregation. We work with our clients to define and articulate an ethical policy for socially responsible investments. We can tailor ethical solutions for clients seeking to balance the need for an investment return with the aspiration to make a positive contribution to the world.

We can help you to define an ethical investment policy that is:

  • in keeping with the ethos of your organisation
  • a workable framework through which financial objectives and ethical standards can be met
  • a useful tool in communicating your organisation’s ethos to investment managers and for assessing the ongoing observance of that ethos

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