Cantor Fitzgerald is a wealth partner dedicated to creating impact

We are dedicated

We believe in developing and sharing our wealth knowledge, experience and credibility. We seek like-minded people to work, partner and engage with.



We Care

We want to offer truly personalised service and advice – with a safe pair of hands at each step of the way. We’re in this for the long haul, making sure we always offer reliable and trustworthy solutions.



We Are Driven

We believe in working smarter and harder than anyone else, unleashing the power of money so it can realise its potential.



We Look Ahead

We always have one eye on the future and pride ourselves with our forward thinking mindset. Our innovation around product brings the most up-to-date experiences that best balances human and tech.



We Are Responsible

We take the management of people’s money very seriously and manage it as if it was our own. We act accordingly by considering the communities we serve and the world we live in, in everything we do.