Our Investment Approach & Philosophy

Our sole objective is to achieve the best investment returns for our clients. We manage a range of investment funds and portfolios on behalf of both institutional and individual investors, within a secure framework where our clients’ assets are held completely independently of our own business. Our investment approach is underpinned by:

  • Genuine Active Management: Our focus is on obtaining the maximum return available within the market. We are active investment managers making active investment decisions, based on our robust three-pillar investment process of macro-economic, valuation and technical analysis.
  • Dynamic Approach to Asset Allocation: We aim to add value at every level – asset allocation, market, sector and stock selection.
  • Sector and Regional Focus: Economic cycles are becoming increasingly global, making industry and sectoral allocations equally as important as regional weighting.
  • Robust Investment Strategy: Investment returns are dependent on market dynamics – not any particular investment style, such as value or growth. We aim to deliver superior performance in a range of different market environments. We are market-focused and style neutral (not tied to any single investment style or ideology).
  • Risk Management: Risk is monitored at all levels of our investment process. Our operational functions are segregated between the investment management function and the separate trade settlement and fund accounting teams, in conjunction with the independent fund administrator, Northern Trust.