Structured Investments – Performance & Maturities

Leveraging off the Cantor Fitzgerald global network and extensive expertise, our aim is to consistently outperform deposit rates, whilst also offering different levels of capital protection to investors. We publish our current performance for all active structured products on a monthly basis both here on our website and within our Investment Journal.

Current Performance

Performance figures are updated on a monthly basis to include all active products. In order to provide investors with full information, we highlight the performance of the underlying assets within each product.

img-adobe-logo Indicative Performance Figures & Maturity Dates – Cantor Fitzgerald September 2023
img-adobe-logo Indicative Performance Figures & Maturity Dates – CFAM Originated Structured Product August 2023

Recent Maturities

Maturities reflect a diversified range of products and pay-off structures, allowing investors to benefit from varying levels of capital protection within their portfolio.

img-adobe-logo Matured Investment Strategies – Cantor Fitzgerald
img-adobe-logo Matured Investment Strategies – Merrion Originated Structured Product