So What’s The Good News?
Kaitlin Chandler
Kaitlin Chandler

This month we’ve decided to bring you a slightly different angle on things. With all things Covid-19, we can see the power of positivity shining through – communities and nations coming together and standing tall for the good of all. So what other inspirational good is out there to support us right now?

Spring into Positivity
Given the current environment, we can hopefully find some respite in the dawn of a new season. Spring is a symbol of new beginning, and as we lie low during these uncertain times and some of us are cocooning, we have the opportunity to refresh our outlook on 2020 and on many of our priorities in life. The shift from winter weather brings with it some much needed sunshine along with an abundance of nature and of flowers. If we can tune into the sound of the birds, the colours and smells of nature, we are brought right back into this very moment, and from here we can take our nourishment. The sun of course brings much needed vitamin D and the harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables are key influencers in strengthening our immune systems and improving overall health.

Combatting Climate Change
The speed at which recent governmental decisions have been made and new legislation introduced is encouraging to see, and especially at such a global level. If such important decisions can be made and laws brought into place so quickly, couldn’t we look at doing similar to protect our environment? Global emergencies as a result of climate change are becoming more frequent and it is increasingly important to develop legislation focused on sustainability and climate protection. If legislative action was taken on environmental protection, even to a fraction of the scale that has been implemented for Covid-19, the result could slow down climate change substantially.

Earth Hour
Earth Hour was established by the World Wide Fund for Nature back in 2007 and is now an annual event that occurs globally on 28th of March, inviting people around the world to switch off their lights in support of nature and our planet. This year, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw landmarks around the world forego illumination – from London’s Tower Bridge to the Sydney Opera House. With many countries in lockdown, images of participating households circulated the internet, further adding to the sense of community and togetherness, as we battle the spread of this virus.

$10 Billion Donation
The operations of online retail giant Amazon have a major environmental impact in terms of carbon footprint. Pressure from inside the company, particularly the activist group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, has urged the company to adapt to more climate-friendly operations. Founder Jeff Bezos has recently announced a $10 billion donation towards fighting climate change and has pledged to decrease the company’s carbon footprint.

The Power of the Mind
With so much apprehension abounding in the midst of the current pandemic, it is a natural reaction to what is essentially a very unfamiliar place. So why not try out some of the wisdom that is available to us online. Take for example spiritual teacher and prolific author Pema Chödrön who encourages us to look at the journey of knowing fear as the journey of courage, and an opportunity to live more deeply and from the heart.

Tony Robbins, life and business strategist, points to the importance of critical thinking during these uncertain times. The information that we feed our mind everyday has the potential to impact our perception of the world. We need to ensure that we are thinking for ourselves – rather than having our focus dictated to us through external sources. Just as we watch our intake of food, we need to be mindful of what information, or information overload we might also be absorbing or exposing ourselves to. We always have the power to control the focus of our minds, if we can be mindful of it.

So in these uncertain times, we can only focus on each day as it comes, play our part in controlling the spread of Covid 19, connect as much as we can with nature and with our loved ones, and look forward to brighter days ahead.


Kaitlin Chandler is Marketing Intern with Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland.

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