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Protected Robotics & Automation Bond

This is a 5-year 11-month investment with returns linked to the Solactive Industrial Robotics & Automation AR 5% Eur Index, which offers potential returns of up to 45% with 80% capital protection at maturity.



  • Potential returns of up to 45% linked to the Solactive Industrial Robotics & Automation AR 5% EUR Index.
  • The Index has returned 16.7% per annum on average since inception. This Index has an adjustment factor of a decrement of 5% per annum, all charts and returns are quoted net of the decrement.
  • The Index selects the best performers, companies with a negative annual total return are excluded from the Index
  • 5-year 11-month investment term.
  • Low risk investment (SRI level 2), 80% capital protection at maturity is provided by Société Générale (Moody’s A1 / S&P’s A / Fitch A).
  • Issuer: SG Issuer (the flagship issuer of Société Générale).
  • Minimum investment: €10,000
  • Closing date: 7th May 2021



A growing number of companies are using smart automation and robotics in order to enhance or develop new solutions for their customers. This bond is an excellent way for investors to gain diversified exposure across 30 leading stocks in the high growth area of Robotics and Automation.

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