Structured Investments

Protected Momentum Bond 7

The Protected Momentum Bond 7 is a 5-year investment providing at least 200% participation in the final performance of the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index, which is linked to 8 actively managed investment funds. Each fund uses different investment managers, strategies and asset allocations, but all have delivered positive investment returns at alternating times.



  • Returns are linked to the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index which is composed of 8 investment funds.
  • Each week the Index is rebalanced into the 5 best performing funds, with the highest performing funds given the highest risk budget ratings and the 3 worst performers are excluded.
  • The bond provides at least 200% minimum participation in the Index final averaged returns.
  • The Index has a risk control mechanism which provides up to 200% additional exposure to the basket of funds.
  • This bond aims to generate consistent returns in a wide range of market conditions
  • 90% capital protection at Final Maturity Date is provided by Morgan Stanley (A3 Stable / BBB+ Stable / A Stable)
  • 5-year investment with daily secondary market liquidity subject to normal market conditions
  • Guarantor: Morgan Stanley
  • Issuer: Morgan Stanley B.V. (European flagship issuer of Morgan Stanley).
  • Minimum Investment amount: €10,000
  • Closing date: 13th November 2020



This bond seeks to maximise returns by consistently investing in what‘s working best (Momentum Investing). The index reviews the 8 underlying funds every week and excludes the 3 worst performers.

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