Structured Investments

Protected Best Select Bond 7

The Protected Best Select Bond 7 combines 90% capital protection with exposure to an index of 8 leading investment funds.



  • Returns are linked to the Best Select Fund EUR Index composed of 8 leading investment funds.
  • The Index is rebalanced every quarter into the 5 best performing funds. The best performers get the highest weightings and the 3 worst performers are excluded.
  • 200% participation in index returns.
  • 5-year investment with 90% capital protection at final maturity date.
  • Daily secondary market liquidity.
  • This is a capital at risk investment product.
  • Minimum investment: €10,000.
  • Closing date: 11th April 2019.
  • This product is available to personal, pension, ARF/AMRF, Friends First SDIO & corporate investors.



For clients who are keen to protect their capital, whilst also generating the potential for investment growth, this bond provides a longer term investment option and aims to generate stable returns in a range of market conditions.

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