We will work with you to ensure the decisions you make now, help you manage your long term goals to retirement and beyond.

Retirement planning is about more than just saving into a pension plan. As you move through your working life cycle you will be faced with some big decisions around how much to save and where to invest. Contributing to a pension arrangement is also an ideal way to help reduce your income tax liability. We can guide you through your pension options with tailored solutions to meet your needs.

We partner with leading pension providers to offer a full range of investment options for both new contributions and transfers of existing pensions. We also provide a full post retirement investment service for ARF / AMRF holders, ensuring you continue to meet your investment goals and requirements.

Friends First Self Directed Investment Option (SDIO)

SDIO is a fund option which gives you greater control on how your pension/ARF/AMRF is invested, giving you access to a diversified range of options not available through a standard managed pension.

Zurich Life Self Invested Fund Platform

Focused on traditional portfolio management including bonds, equities and ETFs as well as
providing the full range of self-directed options on the platform.

Cantor Fitzgerald Approved Retirement Fund

We are a registered Qualifying Fund Manager for ARFs and AMRFs and will work with you to
create a tailored investment portfolio.


Small Self-Administered Pensions

Access to a full and diversified range of investment options through your existing trustee. If you would like to take out an SSAP but currently do not have one in place, we would be happy to work with you to select an appropriate trustee.

ARF / AMRF Services