Protected World Technology Bond

Technology is one of the most important growth opportunities currently available to investors. The BlackRock World Technology Fund seeks to maximise total returns for investors and has a very strong track record.

Key Features

  • Returns are linked to the BlackRock Global Funds World Technology Fund
  • Choice of two capital protected investment options:
  • Option A: Potential returns of up to 35% (6.29% CAR) with 100% capital protection at maturity.
  • Option B: Potential returns of up to 70% (11.39% CAR) with 90% capital protection at maturity.
  • Returns are added to 100% of initial capital invested at maturity
  • Capital protection at maturity is guaranteed by BNP Paribas (A+ / Aa3 / AA-)
  • Low Risk investment (SRI risk level 2 out of 7)
  • 4 Years 11 months Investment Term
  • Closing date: 2nd May 2024

Why Invest?

Investment returns are linked to 100% of the positive return of The Index, subject to a maximum return of 35% (6.29% CAR) in the case of Option A, and 70% (11.39% CAR) in the case of Option B

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Key Documents

Protected World Technology Bond Brochure


Protected World Technology Bond Target Market


Protected World Technology Bond KID (Option A)


Protected World Technology Bond KID (Option B)


Protected World Technology Bond Prospectus



Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of your investment may go down as well as up.