Optimum Discretionary Model Portfolios

Managing your own portfolio, and managing it well, requires time and significant knowledge. Through our Optimum discretionary portfolio offering, our expert team can proactively manage your portfolio for you.

Optimum is made up of 3 ready-made strategies, with the objective of performing well when markets are favourable and safeguarding capital in volatile conditions. Portfolios have been constructed to meet predetermined risk levels.

Key Features

• Innovative, high quality and proven risk-managed portfolios
• Multi-asset and risk-managed approach
• Carefully chosen & diversified blend of best-in-class funds and ETFs
• Portfolios are already up and running and are also available via the Aviva SDIO option
• Conservative core equity holding (Cantor Fitzgerald Global Equity Income Fund)
• Experienced investment team
• The minimum investment amount for the Optimum discretionary model portfolio service is €200,000

Building Blocks

Portfolios are made up of key components across equities, absolute return and risk reducing strategies. Active management allows us to introduce new themes as opportunities arise including for example renewable energy and cloud computing.


• Diversified stock portfolio of 30-40 global high yield equities
• Holdings pay ongoing dividends – approx. 3% income yield and 6-8% income growth
• Ability to hold up to 35% in cash
• Sample holdings: Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Nestle

• Medium risk strategy, designed to achieve 3.5% – 4.5% p.a. over rolling 3-year periods, while seeking to minimise volatility
• Exposure to equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, private equity, IPOs, infrastructure and real estate
• Sample holdings: Ruffer Investment Fund, Invesco Physical Gold and Greencoat Renewables

• Lower risk strategy, designed to achieve 3% p.a. income while seeking to minimise volatility
• Sample holdings: Core bond investments including Short-Term Eurozone Government Bonds and Short-Term Corporate Bonds ESG rated

Team Expertise

Portfolios are actively managed by Global Strategist, Pramit Ghose and his team. Pramit has over 30 years investment experience and track record and has been managing the Global Equity Income strategy since 2001, with over €1bn in assets under management.