L&P Launches Inaugural Investment Impact Report with Impressive Results
Ian Halstead
Ian Halstead

Measurement is at the heart of impact investing and the L&P team at Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland has launched its inaugural Investment Impact Report at a charity conference in Dublin, revealing some impressive results.

Combining investment performance with positive impact has been integral to the L&P impact strategy over the last thirty years, with some very fine tuning in recent years leading to outperformance in many cases not just of mainstream investments but also typical charity investments.

In 2015 the United Nations adopted a set of seventeen sustainable development goals as part of an agenda to protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. We have integrated all of these goals into our strategy – meaning that for every client – they can rest assured that they are contributing to a better world for future generations while at the same time generating a return on their investment.

With global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) increasing rapidly over the last thirty years, and even more so in the last decade, the typical L&P portfolio will withdraw half a tonne of CO2 for every tonne of CO2 emitted by an average charity portfolio and will withdraw one hundred times more CO2 into carbon sinks (natural carbon sinks include plants, soil/earth, forests and our waters). The annual emissions’ saving is equivalent to that from eighty five thousand households.

The world is over reliant on fossil fuels, which supply 70% of energy demand. The L&P typical portfolio is now totally fossil fuel free and producing one hundred and sixty times the renewable power of an average charity portfolio.

The global poverty rate has halved from 43% in 1990 to 21% in 2010, attributable in the most part to economic growth. Providing employment is one of the best methods of reducing poverty and the job creation generated by a typical client portfolio per €1m invested is six times greater than under an average charity portfolio.

“At L&P we have devoted considerable resources to researching and building client portfolios that offer strong prospective returns and achieve significant impact on the world around us” said Shane Cowley, Managing Director of L&P. “We work in partnership with our clients to understand what they are seeking both in terms of investment and return and believe that we are among the leading global firms in responding with a unique portfolio offering where we can be proud of our footprint and influence for generations to come. Sustainability is the only way forward.”

The results speak for themselves.

For further details on L&P’s Investment Impact Report, please contact me on 01 633 3826.