Structured Investments

Cantor Fitzgerald is a market leader in the provision of structured investments to a wide range of investor groups including personal, pension, corporate, charity and credit unions. These packaged investment strategies offer potentially higher yields than actual market returns. With total sales in excess of €100m across all investor groups in the 12 months to end of June 2017, we continue to create a range of innovative structured products based on interest rates, equity themes, sectors and regions, leveraging the expertise within our local and global research teams when selecting underlying assets and structures.


Structured Investments

Protected Star Performers Bond 6

The Protected Star Performers Bond 6 combines 90% capital protection with exposure to an index of 4 leading investment funds selected by Morningstar (a global investment research company).



  • Returns are linked to an index of 4 leading investment funds specially selected by Morningstar
  • 200% participation in index returns
  • 90% Capital protection at Final Maturity Date is provided by BNP Paribas S.A. (rated A/A1/A+)
  • Returns are added to the 90% capital protected amount at maturity
  • Aims to achieve positive returns significantly ahead of deposit rates in all market conditions
  • 5-year investment with optional access to funds at market value after year 3 or at investor’s request
  • Product is available to personal, pension, ARF/AMRF, Friends First SDIO & corporate investors
  • Minimum investment: €10,000
  • Closing Date: 15th September 2017



For clients who are keen to protect their capital, whilst also generating the potential for investment growth, this bond provides a longer term investment option. These flexible funds seek a positive performance in all market conditions and we believe offer significant upside potential.

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