Financial Advisor FAQs

How do I attain an agency with Cantor Fitzgerald?

Email: or phone client services on 01 633 3800

Is there a minimum account size with Cantor Fitzgerald?

For share dealing with Cantor Fitzgerald there is no minimum account size however minimum commission charges do apply. (Certain other product areas will have a minimum investment size)

What are Cantor Fitzgerald standard commission rates and annual account fees?

Please see our current rate card here

What is the standard share dealing commission rate?

Share Dealing on a per deal basis

0 – 20k 1.50%
20k-40k 1.00%
Balance 0.50%

Is there a minimum share dealing commission?

Yes. Please see our current rate card here

How do I trade shares?

All of our trades are conducted over recorded telephone lines. Please call 01 633 3800 to instruct a member of our Financial Advisor team to sell your shares.

How can I view clients with investments?

All Financial Advisors receive online access to their client accounts with Cantor Fitzgerald via one login.
Click here to view our Advisor Online Guide which will take you through our online valuation portal.

What type of information can I receive regarding any referred share dealing clients?

Financial Advisors can receive copies of each share dealing contract notes if required.

Where can I access account opening forms for clients looking to invest in shares or via their pension?

Please see our Useful Forms here

Is there a deposit rate paid on monies on account?

Deposit interest is not paid on Cantor Fitzgerald accounts.

What Investment Research is available?

Our research team produces regular publications which are available for download from our website or can be made available through your Account Executive.

Can a client trade online?

All trades are placed through the clients designated stockbroker in Cantor over the phone.
Clients and Investment advisors receive online access to their account but cannot trade online.

Where are my clients’ assets & money held?

Cantor Fitzgerald’s appointed custodian Pershing Securities International Limited (‘PSIL’) will hold client money and client investments in accordance with the Central Bank’s Client Asset Requirements, which among other things, requires PSIL to hold your clients’ money in a client bank account.

PSIL is a subsidiary company of Bank of New York Mellon. Bank of New York Mellon is a financial services market leader located in twenty three offices worldwide and is the number one clearing firm in the United States. Bank of New York Mellon also acts as custodian to the US Federal Reserve. PSIL is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is a member of the Irish and London Stock Exchanges.

Both client assets and client money are segregated from PSIL and Cantor’s own money and assets. This essentially means that client money and assets are ring-fenced and in effect protected from potential creditors of Cantor if the company were to be declared insolvent or cease trading. Please see Cantor Terms and Conditions for more information regarding Client Money, Client Assets and PSIL.
Clich here to view our terms and conditions.