Core Investment Funds

Our Core Funds range is a selection of funds that our investment committee feels could compliment portfolios and enhance diversification. Funds selected have undergone a comprehensive screening process and are reviewed regularly. The range offers investment options across multiple asset classes and markets.

Data is listed as of 31st August  2019

Equity Funds

Equity Funds Category Morningstar Rating TM Risk Rating (1-7) Currency TER % Yield %
Veristas Global Equity Income Global
EUR 1.13 3.61
Merrion Global Equity Income Global
EUR 0.60 0.00
Fundsmith Global Equity Feeder Global
EUR 1.05 0.55
Green effects Global
EUR 1.28 0.00
Threadneedle European Select European
EUR 0.83 0.00
J O Hambro UK Opportunities UK
GBP 0.82 3.20
Merian North American Equity US
EUR 0.89 0.00

Bond Funds

Bond Funds Category Morningstar Rating TM Risk Rating (1-7) Currency TER % Yield %
PIMCO GIS Global Investment Corporate
EUR 0.49 3.51
BNY Mellon Global Bond Government
EUR 0.65 0.00
HSBC Euro High Yield Bond High Yield
EUR 1.35 2.29
Templeton Global Total Return Diversified
EUR 1.40 9.53

Alternative Funds

Alternative Funds Category Morningstar Rating TM Risk Rating (1-7) Currency TER % Yield %
Invesco Global Targeted Return Absolute Return -
EUR 0.86 0.00
Merian Global Equity Absolute Return Absolute Return -
EUR 0.81 0.00
M&G Dynamic Allocation Multi - Asset
EUR 0.95 0.00

Source Morningstar TM

Morningstar Rating™:

The Morningstar Rating is a measure of a fund’s risk-adjusted return, relative to similar funds. Funds are rated from 1 to 5 stars, with the best performers receiving 5 stars and the worst performers receiving a single star.

Risk Rating:

The risk rating is based on a risk & reward scale from 1-7 in accordance with guidelines recommended by the European Securities and Markets Authority (“ESMA”). For example, a risk rating of 1 would indicate a very low risk investment, while a 7 would indicate a very high risk investment.

Total Expense Ratio (TER):

A measure of the total costs associated with managing and operating a fund. The TER consists primarily of the management fee plus other expenses such as trustee, custody, or operating expenses. It is expressed as a percentage of the fund’s total net asset value.


The distribution yield represents the ratio of distributed income over the last 12 months to the fund’s current Net Asset Value.