Cantor Fitzgerald Supports Innovation in MedTech

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland joined Seroba life Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, MedTronic and others as platinum sponsors of the MedTech Stratagist Innovation Summit which took place in Dublin this April. Liam Kiely, Director of Corporate Finance, gave a Life Sciences capital markets update and talked through the rebound in investor sentiment which has resulted in a significant uptick in healthcare issuance into 2018. There are much more funds flowing into Life Sciences.

Some of the big themes were around data and how it is used to improve patient outcomes. This includes the use of Artificial Intelligence – or as one presenter labelled it – Augmented Intelligence. The pace of innovation in several key areas is causing an explosion in MedTech: the use of and deployment of IoT Technology (Internet of Things), devices(wearable and implantable), materials, imaging, brain and neuro simulation, gene editing, the use of robotics in surgical procedures, and major advances in treating the inner ear.