Boxever Technology: Empowering Organisations to Transform the Way They Market, Sell & Communicate
Dave O’Flanagan
Dave O’Flanagan

Dave O’Flanagan is CEO and Co-founder of Boxever, a technology company with a customer intelligence cloud for CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing. Dave has developed and managed enterprise software across mobile telecoms, travel and cloud. He served as Head of Development in Datalex and was previously Vice President of Engineering at CUSP, and Lead Architect at CAPE Technologies. We sat down with Dave, to understand the inspiration behind Boxever, and how the solution works.

Tell me about Boxever?

Boxever is a world-leading customer intelligence cloud solution that combines advanced analytics with 1:1 personalisation, to solve complex marketing, revenue and customer service challenges for some of the world’s smartest travel brands. Over the past six years, we have built a global client roster, including brands such as Emirates, Air New Zealand, eDreams Odigeo, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, VivaAerobus, Finnair, Aer Lingus and many more. We are now expanding our core offering beyond the travel space, to include financial services.

What inspired you and your co-founders to start Boxever?

Boxever was created to enable traditional companies compete by using digital technology to become more customer-centric. To see the profound effect digital can have on a business, one has to look no further than the leading wave of consumer technology companies, such as Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Google, that place a huge amount of value in understanding their customers and making sure each interaction is effortless and useful. Having previously worked in Datalex and OpenJaw, we saw first-hand that airlines had a huge amount to gain from leveraging digital technology to become more customer-centric as their business model was moving from selling indirectly to customers, through travel agencies and travel management companies, to a direct to consumer, e-commerce model. It was clear that airlines were struggling with basic insights about their customers. Despite having a wealth of data, they had no ability to make relevant, personalised offers to their customers due to legacy technology and disparate silos of customer data.

How does the Boxever solution work?

Boxever empowers organisations to embrace advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to sift through ever increasing quantities of data, to surface the insights that will enable them to improve their business. The Boxever Customer Intelligence Cloud helps organisations drive new efficiencies and cost savings as well as additional revenue gains through the application of our three products that integrate seamlessly with each other:

  • Boxever™ OneView is a Customer Data Platform that creates unique profiles of every customer by connecting to internal and external systems and synchronising operational, customer and product data.
  • Boxever™ Engage is a personalisation and decisioning engine that decides what should happen next for each customer. It acts like a ‘brain’ and uses rules, predictive models and artificial intelligence to determine the right offer or message for a customer, at a time and via a device where they’re most likely to respond.
  • Boxever™ Insights is an analytics and visualisation solution. It provides unique and valuable business insights to enable organisations to make data-driven decisions through a series of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

Why is Boxever technology so important right now? 

Today’s organisations are being dramatically transformed by digital technology— the use of data, analytics and technology to drive cost efficiencies, unlock new sources of revenue and create new business models. By the end of 2017, it is estimated that 66% of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy and the top three digital transformation drivers are improved customer experience, increased speed of innovation and improved-time-to market. The key to unlocking this is to leverage rich customer data that is isolated and hidden in different silos across an organisation and integrating it for insights and intelligent action. This enables organisations to place customer experience at the centre of their business, making every customer interaction a relevant one which results in creating new revenue opportunities and value for the customer.

With some top global brands on board, why do you think they choose Boxever over some of the bigger players?

The main reason that global brands partner with Boxever is for our customer-centric approach. We have an excellent track record of being able to go into a large organisation and quickly deliver meaningful results in a matter of weeks. This is because we truly understand their challenges and have the right technology to take them to the next level. We often find that some large organisations invest heavily in building their own solutions, only to find that it doesn’t quite hit the mark, or that it will take years for them to join up all of the dots required to deliver true 1:1 personalisation to their customers.

What’s next for Boxever?

To date, we have scaled to serve some of the largest consumer facing travel brands in the world and have built up considerable expertise in enabling digital transformation in these organisations. We have initiated a strategy to move beyond the travel sector, focusing on industries that are hampered with legacy technology and are equally challenged with evolving direct to consumer digital models and where customer experience is paramount, such as banking and utility companies. In this regard, Boxever is at the early stage of deploying its solution into other verticals, starting with financial services.  

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Boxever is seeking to raise up to $4.5m in private equity investment (with EIIS relief available). Click here to find out more about this investment opportunity, or phone the Cantor Fitzgerald dealing desk on 01 633 3633.